5 Reasons To Start SEO Today!

Brendan Egan

5 Reasons To Start SEO Today!

What’s the number one reason small businesses push off SEO even though they know it can help them get new customers? The costs.
I know how it goes, you have a limited budget, and often times marketing gets put on the back burner because you just don’t have the budget for it.  The problem is while you spend time working on improving your marketing budget, you’re missing out on new customers who are going to your competitors.
The sooner you can get started with an SEO campaign, the sooner you can see results and reap the benefits.  I’ve seen businesses contact us and put off SEO for months while we follow up with them week after week, and they finally sign up months down the road and say “I wish we started sooner” because they truly see great results from the campaign and an excellent return on their investment.
Here’s five great reasons why you need to get started with your SEO campaign today!

  1. Your Competitors: SEO is all about your online competitors and what they’re doing to improve their web ranking.  If you allow them to do SEO for years before you, they’re going to have a lot of quality backlinks in place and months of SEO work under their belts.  This makes it more expensive and takes longer for us to catch up to them.  In this regard the sooner you start the sooner we can catch them and pass them up.
  2. You’re Missing Out: There’s people searching right now, today, for a business just like yours.  But they can’t find you.  The sooner you get started with SEO, the sooner you can take advantage of gaining new customers from search engine results.
  3. Costs: Most people put off SEO because of the monthly costs, but did you know that nearly all our clients get at least one of their keywords ranked on page one within the first 3 months of the SEO campaign?  That translates into immediate sources of new website traffic, and new sources of revenues
  4. It’s Not All For Rankings: SEO isn’t just about rankings.  We’re a full service online marketing firm, which means we do things like improve your website as a whole, improve your content, and make your site more user friendly.  This translates into not just better results from the SEO campaign, but better conversions as a whole.
  5. Branding: It doesn’t look good for your business when people who know about you already search for you but can’t find you.  I’ve passed up on businesses before because when I Google them, I can’t find them, which makes me think they aren’t reputable.  People do this every day, and if you don’t rank you might be losing more customers than you think.

These are five simple reasons to get started today with your new SEO campaign.  Search engine rankings really can improve your business on multiple levels, and the only way to find out how beneficial it will be to your business is to give SEO a try.