5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Remarketing Ads

Brendan Egan

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Remarketing Ads

Marketers shouldn’t expect every person who visits their company’s website to convert into a customer right away. However, marketers should also not assume that every person who leaves the website without converting is not interested in converting in the future. It’s possible for marketers to drive these customers back to their website and win them over with a little help from remarketing ads.
A remarketing campaign shows targeted ads to people who have visited your website in the past, but never converted. Here are five reasons why every business should be using remarketing ads:

Most Customers Will Not Convert During Their First Visit

In a perfect world, marketers would be able to convince everyone who lands on their website to convert during their first visit. But, this rarely happens. The average website visitor will need to interact with your brand multiple times before actually becoming a customer. In fact, it’s estimated that most visitors will need to interact with a brand seven or eight times before making a purchase decision.
Why does this matter? Once a potential customer leaves your website, it is up to you to bring them back. Remarketing ads can be used to target these customers and remind them of what they were looking at while on your website. If you choose not to launch these ads, customers may quickly forget about your brand.

High Conversion Rates

The main reason brands should incorporate remarketing ads into their digital marketing plans is because of the results. Numerous case studies show that remarketing ads have higher conversion rates than traditional pay-per-click ads or display ads. Research has also shown that the conversion rate directly correlates to the number of times the user has seen the ad. The more people are exposed to an ad, the more likely they are to convert. Some studies have even found that brands can increase their conversion rate by over 200% simply by launching an effective remarketing ad campaign.
Every conversion could lead to revenue for your company, so launching one of these campaigns could significantly increase your company’s bottom line.

Remarketing Ads Are Cost Efficient

Marketers might be hesitant to incorporate remarketing ads into their promotional strategies because of the cost. But fortunately, remarketing ads are incredibly cost efficient. The exact cost of a remarketing ad will vary depending on the competitiveness within your industry. But in general, remarketing ads cost less per click than pay-per-click ads placed within search results. For example, Wordstream estimated that the average cost of a pay-per-click ad placed within the search results is $3.09 for companies in the financial industry. However, the cost-per-click of remarketing ads is about $1.00 for these companies, which shows how much more cost efficient they are than other pay-per-click ads. Based on these numbers, brands should be able to afford launching a remarketing campaign even if they have a limited marketing budget.
It’s also important to remember that brands are only charged for these ads if someone actually clicks on them. Every click sends someone back to your website, which could lead to a lucrative conversion. The people who don’t click on your ad are still being exposed to your brand’s messaging. Since you only pay when someone clicks, this means your brand is getting free exposure while also driving traffic back to your website.

Brands Using Remarketing Ads Become More Recognizable

Remarketing campaigns run on the Google Display Network, which accounts for about 92% of all websites. Think of any website in the world and chances are it’s within the Google Display Network, which means your remarketing ad could appear on it. Because so many sites are in the network, your remarketing ad will be able to reach the customers who have left your site without converting wherever they travel to next. Are they checking their Gmail account? Reading news on CNN? Connecting with colleagues on LinkedIn? Your ad may be there, too.
How does this help your brand? As these customers travel from website to website, they could be exposed to your remarketing ads time and time again. People are more likely to remember and recognize brands that they have been exposed to numerous times. When these customers are ready to make a purchase decision, your brand will be the first one that comes to mind since they have repeatedly been exposed to your ads since their first visit to your site. Because of this, remarketing is an effective way to increase brand awareness and become more recognizable to potential customers.

Ads Can Be Customized

Many brands rely on pay-per-click ads that appear in search results to drive traffic to their website. Pay-per-click ads can be effective, but they don’t give brands an opportunity to convey a lot of information to potential customers. Brands cannot use images on these ads and the copy space is very limited as well. However, this is not the case with remarketing ads.
Remarketing ads are display ads, which means they can feature custom graphics designed by the advertiser. Being able to design custom graphics for remarketing ads gives brands more control over their brand messaging. In addition to keeping the brand messaging consistent, this can also make the ad more effective. Numerous studies have shown that advertisements with images are more effective than text-only ads. In general, the brain retains about 80% of information that is visually processed compared to only 20% of information that is read. For these reasons, being able to incorporate custom images into remarketing ads is a huge advantage for marketers.
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