5 Tips For Effective Blog Writing

Brendan Egan

5 Tips For Effective Blog Writing

We’ve written dozens of articles on blog writing because it really is an important part of having a website and marketing a website online.  Among those articles we’ve addressed that companies who blog really do make more money online and have provided 10 fantastic tips for coming up with new blog topics.
This article will focus more on tips for effective blog writing and what you should keep in mind when writing your blog post after you’ve decided to commit to blogging and have come up with a fantastic idea:

Who Is Your Blog Post For?

Generally we blog for 3 mains reasons: A company announcement or news event, to establish ourselves among our peers, and to target new customers.  When you write your blog posts, you’re going to take three completely different approaches depending on the topic of your post:
Posts For News Announcements:
Generally you want to reserve small news announcements for your company newsletter or email marketing campaign, however it is okay to put news announcements in your blog/news section when they are large announcements or large special offers.  What you don’t want to do is write two or three sentences and post it as a blog post.  Rather write a strong headline, then go on to expand that blog post outlining the details of the offer or announcement.
Posts For Your Peers:
Often times we blog about in-depth topics in our field.  For example, if you’re a medical doctor blogging about the details of a new procedure, most of your patients are going to lose you very quickly with all the medical jargon.  But that’s okay, it’s okay to blog to gain credibility and establish yourself as an authority.  Often times these blog posts get republished on other websites, which will get your name out and get you valuable links for SEO purposes.  They all will open doors down the road as you establish yourself as an authority.
Posts For Your Customers:
Posts for your customers should be exactly that, and they should be informative and have a call to action.  When you write a blog post, you want to utilize that content you wrote to attract new customers, so make sure you give them good information but leave them wanting your product or service at the end.  Follow that up with a call to action at the end of the post or in the sidebar of the page.

Does Your Blog Post Layout Flow?

What does your blog look like?  Is it covered in ads?  Is it all blank white space?  Do you use headings and bold font properly?  The layout of a blog is almost as important as the content in my opinion as I often find myself leaving fabulous blogs with great content because the layout, formatting, and flow is terrible.  Likewise blogs with average content seem to grab my attention more if they are visually appealing, so make sure your blog posts look good and are formatted properly.

Target Some Search Phrases Properly!

Search engines are getting smarter and smarter at identifying phrases and synonyms, but are you targeting your phrases properly?  If you’re writing a blog post about “tips for effective blog writing”,  does your title reflect that?  Or does your title simply say something like “blog writing information”?  Either do some research on your own or with your SEO company to identify phrases that are being searched for that you can target through blog posts; it will dramatically help increase organic traffic to your blog and website.

Do You Monetize Your Blog?

I’ve seen so many companies that don’t properly monetize their blog!  For example, they have their blog hosted on a 3rd party like BlogSpot and never link it to their main site.  Or they have it on their main site but it’s a plain template with no clear transition to your main site.  Or you have it incorporated properly but never have any calls to action.  All these mistakes could be making your blogging not as effective as it should be.
If you’re going to spend the time writing good content for your blog and getting traffic to it, make sure you properly monetize your blog so you actually get an ROI from your time and effort.

Do You Take Your Time Writing?

I get it, we aren’t all award winning authors and writing isn’t always our strong point.  But the beauty of a blog is that writing doesn’t have to be your strong point to do well with a blog.  Take your time writing your blog posts, and write them in the same language you would use if you were sitting in a room explaining the topic to a group of people.  If your niche is formal, be formal.  If your niche is casual, be casual.  Don’t just turn your blog into a black and white page with some text, add some color to it and make it exciting and worth reading!  And most importantly, take your time writing your blog topics and don’t just throw up any old article.
These 5 tips will help ensure you develop a high quality blog that works well for you and your business.  If you need help setting up a blog, getting traffic to your blog, or marketing your business, contact us today at 888-918-1665 or request a consultation on the form to the right and we’ll explain what we can do to help!