American Development Real Estate Website Design

American Development Real Estate Website Design

American Development Company is a real estate brokerage and development company based in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  Their focus is on assisting American citizens with owning real estate and developing real estate in Mexico.

The Website Problems:

There were three core problems with the existing American Development website:

    • Load Time: The site loaded extremely slowly, taking over 15 seconds for the images and sliders to load.  This was turning visitors away and causing American Development to lose business.[/li]
    • Layout/Structure: American Development’s website was cluttered and poorly laid out.  It didn’t properly show what the company did and what set them apart from their competitors.[/li]
    • SEO: The coding of the old site was a mess, and much of the content was duplicate.  This was hurting the site’s search engine rankings.[/li]

    The Solution & Project:

    Simple SEO Group and our designers came in to transfer the entire website into WordPress, a powerful content management system (CMS) that would give the American Development team full access to edit and change the site’s content as well as post updated blog posts on a regular basis.
    In addition, we built out a full real estate management system for the brokerage and agents to manage their real estate listings.  Instead of simply posting pictures of their listings like they did on the old site, they now have a full real estate management system to post individual listings, prices, pictures, information, and pin
    point the property on a map.  This not only makes it easier for brokers to direct clients to specific properties, but also assists with SEO and driving new traffic to the website.
    We also focused on making the site more visual by using breathtaking photographs from the area to further emphasize the luxuries of living in one of Mexico’s most popular locations.

    The Outcome:

    After a few weeks of work, our team was able to launch the new site which has seen a great response so far.  The ease of use, new layout, and real estate management system are all elements that set the American Development site apart from their competitors.  In the months ahead we anticipate this new site will greatly assist American Development in continuing to acquire new clients.

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