Make Sure Your Next Web Design Uses A CMS

Brendan Egan

Make Sure Your Next Web Design Uses A CMS

I’m always amazed when I talk to new SEO clients about adding content to their brand new website that they just paid $5,000 for and they don’t have the ability to add blog posts, news updates, or really anything to their site.
When you look for a web designer, if you don’t decide to go with us for whatever reason, at least make sure your designer does a good job and doesn’t rip you off!  It’s easy to build a 5 page HTML website — I can build a basic one in just a few hours — but it’s more work to build a 5 page website within a content management system (CMS) simply because the coding is more involved and the structure is more advanced.

What Is A CMS?

CMS stands for content management system.  It’s a software that runs your website that organizes your content and makes it easy to add, edit, delete, and change content on your website.  The most popular CMS today is WordPress, but there’s thousands of others out there.
Many web designers don’t use a CMS, but rather they hard code a HTML website.  The advantage to this is they can do it much faster as it is less coding for them, but it’s a huge disadvantage for you, the website owner!  You won’t be able to easily add blog posts, content, or other information to your website, which will make the long term cost of your site increase and it will honestly just be a big headache.
The cost of a CMS isn’t much higher than a normal website.  We build a 5 page HTML site for roughly $600, however we build a 5 page CMS site for roughly $800.  The $200 price difference will more than pay for itself as soon as you want to edit a page, change content, add a page, or write a blog post.