Search Engine Statistics

Brendan Egan

Search Engine Statistics

The results of a few search engine statistical studies are out and the results are absolutely mind boggling.
Last year, Google dominated over all other search engines, accounting for about 65% of all search traffic. Yahoo came in a distant second with 14%, and Bing is catching up with a little over 13%. AOL is still hanging on for a very distant fourth with about 2%. This clearly shows Simple SEO Group’s primary focus on Google rankings will continue to hold true into 2011 and even further into the future.
Some of the most searched terms in 2010 included Justin Bieber, swine flu, ipad, iphone 4, Dr. Oz, Haiti, and Lady Gaga. While this doesn’t reflect anything that will directly help your business, it does show that people search for virtually everything on major search engines–from health to entertainment, news to national disasters, products to sports scores. Any niche and any company can benefit from higher search engine rankings.
On to some more business statistics. In 2010, there were an estimated 730,796,000,000 Google searches according to a popular search engine article. That breaks down to an estimated 2 billion searches per day by more than 300 million people on average per day. While this traffic is spread throughout the world, a good chunk of it comes from within the United States, presenting companies with literally millions of opportunities everyday to reach out to potential new customers.
Forecasts for 2011 are predicting a slight increase in overall search traffic as the number of people worldwide with internet access is expected to rise yet again in 2011. Is your business doing everything it can be to take advantage of all this traffic? The grim reality is most small businesses don’t venture into search engine optimization. Some think it is too expensive, others think they can’t possibly compete with larger companies.
As a small business owner I personally have brought other companies not just to the first page of Google, but all the way to the number 1 spot for highly competitive keywords. I have competed with fortune 500 companies for the first page of Google and won the battle on a small business budget. First page results don’t have to take a chunk out of your company’s bottom line. Sign up for a free small business SEO consultation and analysis today and see for yourself how easy it really can be to dominate search engines!