BrightStar Systems E-Commerce Website Design

BrightStar Systems E-Commerce Website Design

BrightStar Systems is a re-seller of new, refurbished, and gently used networking equipment for IT professionals and office environments.

The Website Problems:

BrightStar Systems has a well designed existing website, however the primary purpose of the site was simply to provide visitors with basic information about the company.  The website was not built with marketing in mind.  The site received very few visitors from search engines, and didn’t convert extremely well since there was such little traffic coming to the website.

The Solution & Project:

Simple SEO Group and our developers came in to overhaul the coding and structure of the website.  We started by identifying coding problems that were hurting the usability of the site and preventing the site from ranking organically.
We then setup dedicated landing pages for specific manufacturers, product categories, and specific products.  These pages will not only assist website visitors in learning about the offerings of BrightStar Systems, but will also assist in driving targeted organic traffic to the proper pages.
We then installed and integrated a full e-commerce solution into the site.  This started with programming the actual e-commerce platform plus advanced FedEx shipping options.  We then moved on to adding dozens of products to the actual e-commerce store and assisting with content writing for each product.
An e-commerce store is useless if you don’t have traffic coming to it, so we ensured all the products were optimized to rank well in search engines.  In this case, our client also opted to promote the products via paid campaigns, so we handled the setup of a Google Adwords campaign with a separate Adgroup dedicated to each product.  We went one step further to fully integrate the BrightStar Systems online store with an API feed linked to Google Products, allowing the entire e-commerce store to also be listed in the Google Products shopping database.

The Outcome:

While the site has only been in place for a few weeks, there has been a steady increase in traffic through both organic traffic as well as the paid advertising campaigns we setup.  We’re confident that in the months ahead BrightStar systems will continue to see more and more visitors coming to their site and utilizing the new e-commerce solution to order their products online.

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