Business Ethics And Honesty For Small Business

Brendan Egan

Business Ethics And Honesty For Small Business

A handshake.  For anyone who was around in the business world 25+ years ago, a handshake was like offering your first born as collateral.  Forget the 100 page contracts, the “Sign here, here, and in 20 other places”, and the concern over not getting paid for a job.  Sure there were plenty of flaws and problems with the system, but it built on two core principles that no longer exist in the business world: Honesty and Ethics.  It’s an unfortunate reality of the world today–you never know who the guy sitting next to you really is and whether or not you can trust him.
In a world that is filled with breaches of contract and lawsuits, especially in the business and online world, are there any companies left out there that actually are ethical and that are actually honest?  Yes, there’s a few.  As a small business we have contracts with several other businesses–but these contracts are rarely with a fortune 500 company.  They’re with other small businesses.  From phone service providers to software providers to website hosting–we always try to work with small businesses because they typically practice more ethics and honesty than large corporations.
As a small business offering online marketing services, Simple SEO Group also practices being completely honest and upfront as well as acting in an ethical manner.  Ask any of our clients and they’ll be the first to tell you that it’s an absolute pleasure to work with us because we don’t hide behind 100 page contracts or lie to get a client to sign up with us–we’re brutally honest all the time, whether the news is good or bad, and we’re proud to be this way.  It’s truly unfortunate how difficult it is to trust the company you are doing business with–and this becomes increasingly difficult when you are working with a company online that is owned by someone you probably never have met in person.  However it’s important for you–a small business owner–to do business with people you trust, and if at any point in time you have any questions at all about Simple SEO Group, how we operate, or what we’re doing–give me a call directly at 888-918-1665 and I’ll be glad to personally talk to you and explain what we’re doing, how we do it, why we do it, and how it will help your company.  In addition to this, I’ll give you our honest assessment about your marketing efforts–whether we think you are currently doing it all wrong or all right, whether we think we can help or we don’t think we can help, whether we think we can get you results in 3 months or 3 years.  Honesty is critical to giving you the best possible information so you can make the best possible decisions for your small business.  We get that and understand that-and we promise to always be honest with you and act ethically.  No exceptions.