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Client Testimonials

Having been involved in countless technology companies since the mid 1990’s, including which was purchased by one of the largest banks in the world, I have worked with dozens of marketing and development companies.  Brendan and his team at Simple SEO are hands down the best of the best.  Not only is their work quality and execution speed second to none, but most importantly to me Brendan and his company have the highest moral and professional standards I have ever seen.  I am constantly recommending them to friends, family, and colleagues which is the largest endorsement I can offer.

Brendan and the Simple SEO team are fantastic. Engage is an incredibly complex platform, and I was blown away by how quickly they grasped our vision and the detail and speed with which they executed it. They are incredibly responsive and easy to work with and their customer service is top tier. Every small bug is quickly fixed and handled with no complaints. They stand by their product and do fantastic work. 100% would recommend. Our business only works because they did a great job building our platform.

Brendan and his team at Simple SEO are agile problem solvers who hold the highest regard for professionalism. Since 2014, Simple SEO Group has helped us develop a strong online presence which has resulted in increased rankings and consistent high volume of traffic being driven to our site. We can barely keep up with the increased leads!

We shopped around and chose an SEO company with good search rankings, a solid website, and competitive prices. After working with Simple SEO Group for more than a year, we couldn’t be more stoked that we chose them. Brendan and his team have been amazing at helping us understand what we need to do to get more traffic, and they’ve worked hard to push us higher and higher up in rankings. You can trust Simple SEO Group not to waste your money. They made the impossible happen for two of the world’s biggest tech tards: good SEO rankings.

I am pretty tech savvy but, as a professional, I have little time to pay attention to my domain, web-hosting, e-mail exchange accounts and so on. In fact, there have been days I threatened to drop the whole notion of an internet presence if GoDaddy contacted me one more time about renewing, updating or otherwise paying for one more something that I don’t really need, understand or even want to understand. It was about that fifth or sixth GoDaddy junk mail in one week that I was referred to Brendan Egan and Simple SEO Group. Brendan redesigned my website into one I could really be proud of. He took over my hosting. If I need something, I let him know – Brendan, himself, not a customer service rep, and Brendan responds in easily understandable terms, not geekspeak. I don’t get junk mail, he doesn’t try to sell me things I don’t need and my web hosting is, from my perspective, seamless. For a business professional, Simple SEO Group is a business expense that really frees up your time and enhances your internet presence. I am very happy with my result.

Brendan Egan and Simple SEO Group provide a blend of technical genius and expertise with personal skills to discern client needs and tastes that produce websites that are artistically superb, user friendly, fast, sound, and productive. They are master professionals at website design and development. Brendan had quite the challenge when we began talking. Not being technically astute coupled with the confusion of no clear vision; I needed a lot of help from the ground up. Brendan assisted me in clarifying my visual preferences and with recognizing technical needs. He knows the questions to ask. He knows how to listen. And, he has tools to assist. Brendan responds to questions and ideas in record time. Brendan is brilliant, personal, respectful, creative, producing quality work in a short amount of time. I was amazed at how quickly the website went from concept to launch. This team is a perfect business model: craft, service, respect, kindness, and quality. I cannot thank them enough!

Simple SEO Group advised me on website options that would suit our business and ensured all the necessary behind the scenes items were functioning perfectly so that when the site went live, it was a seamless transition. As I wanted to continue with a content management system, Brendan recommended WordPress, which I have found extremely easy to learn and use. Nothing was too difficult for Simple SEO Group. They paid attention to what it was that I wanted and needed for my businesses and provided this in a very professional manner. Despite me being located in Australia and them in the United States, this proved to be no barrier or issues to getting the job completed in a timely manner. During the time that I have worked with Simple SEO Group and more specifically with Brendan I have found him to be highly professional and always attentive to our website needs. What also impressed me about Brendan was that he was also willing to make recommendations that financially benefited the businesses. I would have no hesitation in recommending Brendan and Simple SEO Group to anyone who requires a capable and professional website team. They live up to their business motto of “Connecting Your Website to a World of Customers”.

After our company website was designed, we sought out a company who can maintain the pages and provide support. Simple SEO Group was referred to us and there was an instant connection. Brendan and his team understood our objectives, they provided immediate response to our needs, and they delivered outstanding customer service. The communication throughout the update process was impeccable; at any given point, I knew what the developers were working on, any road blocks they may have ran into, and was given an accurate and rapid response to how they would overcome any little bumps. I’m very happy to have met Simple SEO Group and look forward to a very long lasting business relationship.

We are thrilled with the work that Brendan and Simple SEO Group did on our website. Their professional suggestions significantly enhanced every element on our site. The average time spent on our website has doubled and the bounce rate has been cut in half. Donations keep our not-for-profit radio station alive, and this new design has substantially increased our listener donations. Simple SEO Group gave us an affordable solution, and they were a pleasure to work with on this very important project.

As a small business owner, it is important to work with people who take the time to understand you and your business. Simple SEO Group does exactly that – they give each client personalized attention and find the best possible solutions to meet their customers needs. I’ve been thrilled with the results I’ve seen from Simple SEO Group so far and would personally highly recommend them to anyone thinking about SEO services for their small business.

Simple SEO Group has went over and beyond the call of duty by creating a beautiful website for us. As a diverse wedding servicing company we had several customized elements that needed a trained professional to ensure simple navigation. Brendan and his firm were able to take the challenge; not only did they beat the deadline but they were able to keep it under budget. During the process it was easily apparent that we were dealing with honest hard working professionals that had all our best interests in mind. Simple SEO Group’s customer service is second to none, even though our website is completed Brendan keeps in contact with us to ensure our conversion rate from our website is in tacked and in which doing so we have also started to utilize his services in the SEO arena with good faith. We absolutely recommend Simple SEO Group and can honestly, knowingly state that you will have the same wonderful experience that we had.

Before I contacted Simple SEO I had a website that was difficult to navigate, loaded very slowly and wasn’t SEO friendly. Of course I wasn’t aware of these issues and didn’t realize how badly they were affecting my website’s online presence. Brendan at Simple SEO spoke with me in great length about the many issues with my site and what he could do to fix them. He was able to rebuild my site in a very minimal amount of time and at half the cost of what I originally paid. I can not speak highly enough of this company! They understand the needs of a small business and go above what is expected. I am so pleased with their work and confident in their abilities that I now use them for my SEO campaign.

I can’t thank Simple SEO group enough for their help in building my website. I had no vision on what I wanted but they built the perfect website. Also the turn a around on the website from start to finish was unbelievable. I will definitely recommend their services to everyone!

Simple SEO Group built us a fantastic website for our new business in a minimal amount of time. They also assisted us with consulting for our online marketing & SEO and also setup a full Google Adwords campaign to help us target immediate new clients. We are extremely happy with their work, dedication, and ongoing support and would recommend them to a friend in a heartbeat.

“Working with the Simple SEO Group couldn’t have been a better experience. Not only did they deliver top notch quality but they did it in a timely manner. Brendan and his team showed their expertise and were able to understand and deliver my vision for my website. Brendan was also very professional and a pleasure to work with throughout the process. He showed great patience and always maintained an excellent attitude. Brendan and his team also went above and beyond their responsibilities and added very valuable input throughout the process. I was able to lean on them to make suggestions which they were able to make based on their expertise and experience. I highly recommend using Simple SEO Group for your website!”

Thank you Simple SEO Group. Our web traffic has gone from 100 hits a month to over 4,000 hits per month since we started working with you. We could not be happier with our website from its design, ease of use and the ongoing improvements you still help us make every week. Your professionalism and prompt attention to every email, call, question and change we make was nothing short of extraordinary! You really made it easy for our business to at least double this year!