LinkedIn Case Study – 2x Increase In Leads At 50% Of The Cost

LinkedIn Case Study – 2x Increase In Leads At 50% Of The Cost

To protect the privacy of our client and their business, any identifying information has been removed from this case study. We value the privacy of our clients and extend this same courtesy to all our clients.

In mid 2019, we were approached by a manufacturer running LinkedIn campaigns in-house. While many marketing platforms claim to be “business owner friendly’ and “do it yourself”, this case study is a tremendous example of why we always recommend professionals run your company’s ad campaigns.

Background Details

At the start of the campaign, we fully audited the client’s 2019 year to date performance. They had generated 219 leads at a cost per lead of $69.75 through several targeted LinkedIn campaigns resulting in a total ad spend of $15,275.25. While they were happy with the quantity and quality of leads, they wanted to produce more and wanted to find ways to lower their overall costs.

The Strategy

We completely audited their campaigns and found wasteful targeting, poor ad performance, poor ad copy, too many ad variations, and several other common problems within the campaign.

Our team decided to completely scrap the existing campaigns and start fresh. We did this by:

  • Creating all new campaign structures and organization
  • Optimizing the targeting both in terms of individual companies and job titles as well as industry and demographic targeting
  • Introducing new ad copy, graphics, and variations
  • Streamlining the lead generation forms to improve conversions
  • Adding additional whitepapers and case studies to act as lead bait

These changes immediately made a large impact on the campaign and we quickly started to see improvements in all of our metrics, including cost per click, click through rate, and most importantly cost per lead.

The Results

The results simply speak for themselves.  In the second half of 2019, we were able to produce 372 total leads at a cost per lead of $41.43, nearly half the cost of their previous leads at almost twice the quantity.  Most importantly, the lead quality stayed the same or even slightly improved.  On those 372 leads, we not only generated more leads, but were able to save our client nearly $10,000 in ad spend costs by reducing their price per lead.

This client is extremely happy with the performance and results, and has actually referred us to several other companies that are owned by their parent company to help them improve and enhance their LinkedIn lead generation campaigns.   

If you’re looking for help generating more leads or improving your existing campaigns, give us call, we would be glad to help!