How Many People Click On Google Ads?

Brendan Egan

How Many People Click On Google Ads?

Have you ever wondered just how many people click on Google ads? Google themselves have admitted in the past that less than 25% of their users will ever click on a pay-per-click ad on their platform.  The reality is the vast majority of users are clicking on organic search results.

How Many People Click On Google Ads?

The exact number varies based on the keyword, but we can say with confidence that far more people focus on organic search results which is why search engine optimization is becoming more and more important for businesses.  Add to this the fact that with SEO there are no per click costs and it starts looking more and more attractive to start a SEO campaign than pour money into PPC ads.

How Many People Click On Google Ads vs Organic Results? Why?

People are just sick of advertising.  It’s estimated that an average person is exposed to over 600 ads in a given day.  From the sky to billboards to radio to TV to internet to napkins to just driving down the street to…there’s NO hiding from advertising!  It’s become insane, and when people are online looking for something on a search engine this honestly isn’t a place for most people to be bothered with advertising.  This is why organic results are doing so much better these days than ads–because while these organic results may also be companies, people don’t view search engine results the same as advertising.  They view search engine results as the information they are looking for and studies have shown that people have more trust in a company that shows up in search results vs. companies that show up in Google ads.
At the end of the day, it isn’t important to know how many people click on Google ads, it’s important to know how many people DON’T click these ads– well over 75% of searchers–which means now is the time for you to get serious about getting your website ranked in search results and the first place to start is a small business SEO campaign.  Fill out the form directly to the right to talk with one of our small business SEO specialists and have them design a custom plan for your small business.