Do Companies That Blog Make More Money?

Brendan Egan

Do Companies That Blog Make More Money?

Back in February I wrote a post titled Fact vs. Fiction about companies that blog.  The post outlined some important information about businesses that have a regularly updated blog and why it’s so important to continually update your blog.
Since then I’ve challenged myself to put out at least 2 blog posts every week.  Since then I’ve put out a little over 40 blog posts which have an average length of 565 words.  I wanted to see if holding all other factors constant, would blogging on a regular basis really make that much of a difference in website traffic and new client acquisitions?  Well, I’m proud to say that after 5 months of this little experiment, the clear answer is YES!

Companies That Blog DO Make More Money!

Over the last several months we’ve had an increase in website traffic, and increase in inquiries, and an increase in new clients.  Even though we ranked for several highly competitive keywords prior to February, we weren’t getting nearly the amount of consultations and new clients as we are today.  And the reason behind it simply is blogging.
After examining our Google Analytics reports over the last 5 months, it’s become clear that blogging has helped our company make more money.  In fact over 65% of our consultation requests have come from people that found our website through a blog post ranking for a long tail keyword.  They didn’t search for a highly competitive term like “SEO” but they searched for things like “National vs Local SEO” or “How Long Should A Blog Post Be” and after reading our information, they contacted us to learn more about our services.

But Blogging Takes Too Much Time…

No, it really doesn’t.  Even if it takes you two hours per week to write two blog posts, that’s still far less time than you likely spend going to trade shows, mailing out postcards, cold calling, or other marketing means.  Blogging is simple, it adds value to your website, it drives new visitors to you, it improves your overall search engine rankings, it attracts natural links, and the bottom line is that it truly does help your company make more money.
It’s also important to make sure you have a quality website with a quality CMS system, otherwise blogging may be a very painful task if you have an outdated website or outdated backend.  Aside from the time it takes me to write the post, it takes less than 60 seconds to set it up in WordPress, schedule it, format it, and have it published.

How Should I Start Blogging?

The best thing to do is make a list of 10-15 topics you want to blog about and then start writing them.  Make it a habit to start your work day writing a blog post, schedule it to go out at a rate of between 2-4 posts per week, and before long you’ll have numerous posts scheduled to go out months down the road.  Business owners often ask me the best way they can help speed up an SEO campaign or just improve their website as a whole, and the best thing you truly can do is have a regularly updated blog.  There’s thousands of reasons, but the bottom line is that companies that blog really do make more money online.