Electrician SEO Case Study 932% Increase

Electrician SEO Case Study 932% Increase

To protect the privacy of our clients, only general information will be provided in this SEO case study.  The name of the company and keywords targeted will not be provided unless our client has permitted us to utilize this information.

Background Information

 Some people believe SEO is only for large corporations, however we structure our SEO packages and services to work with any business model on any budget. This was the exact case with one of our clients who is a local electrician. His target market was a 50 mile radius in a moderately populated area with a population of approximately 500,000.  His company had been in business for several years, but they never went after search engines as a source of leads.  We were starting with a site that was naturally ranking around page 5-6 for many terms, but no where near page 1.

The Campaign:

 After 6 months of SEO work on an affordable SEO plan, we managed to rank their website on page 1 and more specifically in the top 3 results for over 10 keywords with well over 1,000 searches per month. This client only spent a few thousand dollars on SEO services and saw a tremendous return on their investment.  In fact, after measuring the client’s website traffic we found that after utilizing our services, they had a 932% increase in organic traffic year for year.  This isn’t just a bunch of random visitors, this is highly targeted traffic from major search engines for people searching for specific phrases that will convert well for this business.
Below is a screen shot directly from their Google Analytics account showing the dramatic increase in organic website traffic after starting SEO:

The Outcome:

Our client was extremely happy with the higher rankings and additional website traffic.  He was able to hire additional electricians to cover the added demand and grow his business in just a 1 year period.  He has become a long term client of ours and we’ve worked with him on numerous projects.
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