Fertility Clinic Web Design FSSC

Fertility Clinic Web Design FSSC

Fertility Solutions, with locations in Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg Australia, is a full-service fertility clinic that offers state-of-the-art solutions to their patients to assist with infertility issues.

The Website Problems:

The previous Fertility Solutions website was outdated, full of coding and design problems, and wasn’t properly supported.  Our client has attempted for months to have basic changes made to the website to fix errors and update content, however her web designer wasn’t able to implement the changes and she finally reached a point where she decided she needed to go with a new web design firm.

The Solution & Project:

Simple SEO Group and our designers came in to transfer the entire website into WordPress, a powerful content management system (CMS) that would give Fertility Solutions full access to their site’s content, access to thousands of add-ons and plugins, and full access to Simple SEO Group’s on-demand website support.
We started with providing Fertility Solutions with a full face lift by providing them with a semi-custom theme to fit their company’s brand.  We took the design a few steps further to incorporate a warm, inviting feel and assist Fertility Solutions with representing their strongest selling point — having a warm, cozy, and inviting environment and staff unlike traditional fertility clinics.
From there we integrated several custom back-end functions to allow Fertility Solutions to get the most out of their website.  We started by incorporating their email marketing into the site to allow visitors to easily sign up for their newsletters.  From there we incorporated a full invoicing system to allow the clinic to invoice their clients online and send them digital invoices which they can pay securely through the website. We also integrated a fully secure employee portal to allow the 15+ employees of Fertility Solutions to access training and support documents anytime, anywhere.

The Outcome:

After just a few weeks of work on the site and a few revisions with our client, we were able to launch the new Fertility Solutions website and our client is extremely pleased with the look, feel, and functionality of the new site.  Beyond that, she is even happier with the support she’s received so far and the peace of mind knowing that she has full access to our on-demand website support for any changes or problems she has down the road.
Upon completion of the project, Denise Donati, Managing Director of Fertility Solutions was kind enough to provide us with the following testimonial regarding our work:

My association with Brendan Egan, President & CEO Simple SEO Group commenced mid this year when my IVF businesses, Fertility Solutions Sunshine Coast and Fertility Solutions Bundaberg identified a need to update our website as it had become very tired and not very easy to navigate .
Brendan advised me on website options that would suit our business and ensured all the necessary behind the scenes items were functioning perfectly so that when the site went live, it was a seamless transition. As I wanted to continue with a contents management system, Brendan recommended WordPress, which I have found extremely easy to learn and use.
Nothing was too difficult for Brendan. He paid attention to what it was that I wanted and needed for my businesses and provided this in a very professional manner. Despite me being located in Australia and he in the United States of America, this proved to be no barrier or issues to getting the job completed in a timely manner. His communications with me were always prompt,
providing me with answers to any question that I had either via email or Skype. During the construction and launching phases I was encouraged to contact Brendan with any queries that I may have had relating to IT hosting, campaign mail outs and the website in general. This contact is still encouraged and welcomed.
During the time that I have worked with Brendan I have found him to be highly professional and always attentive to our website needs.
What also impressed me about Brendan was that he was also willing to make recommendations that financially benefited the businesses.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Brendan and Simple SEO Group to anyone who requires a capable and professional website team. He lives up to his business motto of “Connecting Your Website to a World of Customers”.
Have a look at our site and see the type of work that Simple SEO Group performs, I could not be happier with the end result.

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