Great Results Start With Customer Service

Brendan Egan

Great Results Start With Customer Service

Customer service is the cornerstone of small businesses. For decades people have chosen to do business with small businesses instead of large corporations because of that added customer service factor that exists–from getting to know your account manager on a first name basis to inviting a small business owner over for a family barbeque. Customer service and that added intimacy factor are a big part of what keep small businesses alive.

I won’t say specifically where I was, but a few weeks ago I was pulling into a parking lot to park for the day and I couldn’t help but take a picture of the sign I saw which read “Lock your car, Take your keys, Hide your belongings”. Now keep in mind this sign is posted near the road entering this parking lot, before I’ve spent a single dime with this company or even paid for parking for that matter. It’s great to see that they are concerned about the security and wellbeing of their customer’s belongings, but could they not think of a more customer friendly way of sharing this information? The feeling I then had when parking my car was that there’s obviously a huge crime problem here, and chances are they post that sign for liability purposes and don’t have anyone policing the parking lot to keep my car safe while I’m away from it. Then when something happens and I complain to them, they will point their finger at that sign. To me, this is the ultimate example of terrible customer service and a large corporation overrunning what used to be a small business.
You won’t find that here at Simple SEO Group. We believe in that small business difference–getting to know our client’s and their businesses on a first name basis and providing that prompt, helpful customer service that they’re looking for. Just a few weeks ago I received a great review from one of our clients, Elizabeth, who is the president and CEO of Global Luxe:
“As a small business owner, it is important to work with people who take the time to understand your business. Brendan and Simple SEO Group do exactly that – they give each client personalized attention and find the best possible solutions to meet their customers’ needs. I’ve been thrilled with the results I’ve seen from Simple SEO Group so far and would highly recommend them to anyone thinking about SEO services.”
We were extremely thrilled to receive this review from Elizabeth and we know that our client’s appreciate the extra few minutes we put in every day to get to know them and their business on a more personal level. When it comes to SEO, often times you’re dealing with a company located across the country and they think this excuses them from providing great customer service. We have client’s literally around the globe, and we get to know our overseas clients just as well as our local backyard clients.
If you own a small business, make sure you don’t let that customer service aspect ever slip. That’s what truly sets your business apart from every other business out there, and chances are it’s the reason your clients keep coming back time and time again.