Grimm’s Gardens Garden Center E-commerce Web Design

Grimm’s Gardens Garden Center E-commerce Web Design

Grimm’s Gardens is a garden center and online garden store located in Hiawatha, Kansas. They came to us with an outdated website with numerous coding issues and design issues and were seeking a professionally designed website with integrated e-commerce platform.

The Website Problems:

Grimm’s Gardens old website was extremely dated looking and very difficult to navigate.
The business actually had two websites, their brick and mortar website as well as a separate e-commerce website.  The transition between the two sites was extremely poor as they weren’t designed in the same template/look and they didn’t properly interlink between one another.
Additionally from day one of their old site, Grimm’s Gardens had coding problems with the site.  The site wasn’t coded in an SEO friendly manner and worse yet had numerous URL issues that caused 404 errors and other problems on the site.  It clearly was time for a new website that was professionally designed and would function properly for both the brick and mortar as well as e-commerce business.

The Solution & Project:

Simple SEO Group and our designers and developers came in to completely redesign the Grimm’s Gardens website.
We started out talking with our client about the best design scheme for the website and e-commerce platform and settled on a fantastic, green and earth colored theme that would perfectly fit their needs, both design wise as well as functionality wise.
We then moved on to begin coding the website in WordPress complete with a custom e-commerce solution.  We integrated them both so the transition from one part of the site to the other would be seamless, and also so our client can manage every element of their website on their own in an extremely user friendly backend.
On the e-commerce side of things, a garden center faces several obstacles when working with e-commerce, so we came up with numerous additions to the e-commerce platform to help them overcome all their obstacles:

  • Payments: We integrated three forms of payments for our client: 1) PayPal to allow anyone to pay with their PayPal account 2) to accept credit cards directly on a secure, encrypted form right on their website and 3) Amazon Easypay to allow customers to pay with their Amazon account right in the e-commerce platform
  • Shipping: Shipping of garden items poses unique issues, so we had to come up with unique solutions.  We came up with a two-tier solution consisting of a custom FedEx API to feed actual shipping rates to the website as well as a backup fixed rate table to be used when items are too large, heavy, or a customer’s address is unknown
  • Importing/Reporting: Our client uses QuickBooks POS at their brick and mortar store, so we had to build some custom solutions to allow QuickBooks POS to communicate with their e-commerce platform.  We also needed to design ways to transfer inventory information as well as import/export products on the e-commerce platform, and we successfully handled the management of their large product catalog
All these posed unique needs for the Grimm’s Gardens website which we were able to easily overcome.  And more importantly, we were able to get all this done by utilizing our team of developers in just over one week so our client could have their new website in time for garden season!

The Outcome:

The new site has only been in place for a few weeks, but our client is extremely happy with the results.  They have already contracted us to handle setting up a new pay-per-click, search engine marketing, and e-mail marketing campaign to help them get the most out of their new website.

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