How Much Work Gets Done On Your SEO Packages?

Brendan Egan

How Much Work Gets Done On Your SEO Packages?

A question that I often receive is “Just how much work do you do per month on your SEO packages?”
We currently offer four main packages: our silver, gold, platinum, and diamond SEO packages which are respectively currently priced $297, $597, $897, and $1,197 per month (our monthly SEO packages can be viewed here).
A lot of our current clients have had very negative experiences in the past with other SEO companies, so they’re a bit leery when we offer high quality SEO services at extremely affordable prices.  So the question then arises, Just how much work do you do? 
Well, there’s no simple answer to that as it really varies from month to month and from website to website.  With off site SEO, it’s clear and simple– we spend about 10 hours per month on the silver package, 15 hours per month on the gold package, 20 hours per month on the platinum package, and 25 hours per month on the diamond package.  But off site SEO is just part of the puzzle — equally important is on site SEO which is where the variation comes in.  Sometimes we take over a campaign from another high quality SEO company, in which case we only spend a few hours making minor tweaks to the on site SEO.  But in most cases we have to make major on site coding changes, in which case we spend several hours in the first month to get things optimized.  In the following months, as long as the keyword selection remains the same, we only make minor tweaks to the on site SEO along with content creation.
It’s important to not really gauge the amount of work being done, but to gauge the type of work being done and the quality of that work.  Some SEO companies spend the same amount of time we do, but they don’t see the same results because they put the emphasis on quantity and not so much on quality.  We have an extremely efficient team that not only does a high quantity of work in a small time, but they also do high quality work.  Content rich SEO work with high quality, natural links take a long time to build, but it’s the only way we do things because we want to see long term results on our SEO campaigns.  We NEVER spam forums, blogs, or other online sources to get you links — we always utilize high quality methods to obtain content rich links.
So before you become overly concerned about the amount of work an SEO company is doing each month, you should really first focus on the quality of that work and the results it delivers.  We truly do believe in delivering high quality SEO work which is why the vast majority of our clients stay with us in the long run even though they aren’t under any sort of contract.  That in and of itself speaks volumes about the amount of work and type of work we do at Simple SEO Group.