Why You Can Afford SEO

Brendan Egan

Why You Can Afford SEO

About 4 months ago we started working with a local electrician on a small sized SEO campaign consisting of 5 local keywords. To date we have all 5 of these keywords ranked on page 1. We usually don’t take about prices in our blog posts, but this client is paying only $297 per month for their SEO services and after just 4 months have 5 keywords ranked on page 1. They’ve seen a tremendous increase in their website’s traffic which has lead to increased conversions and more customers.
Less than 3 weeks ago we got started on a SEO campaign for a small business service provider with a brand new company website. They’re also on a $297 per month SEO plan and are going after 3 keywords. These 3 keywords aren’t local–they’re world wide, highly competitive keywords. We already have this company ranked for 1 of their 3 keywords after just 3 weeks–something that even surprised us when we saw just how fast they were ranked.
The stories go on, and on, and on. But the bottom line is this: Good SEO includes on page and off page optimization and requires a dynamic strategy that works in today’s search engine market. But if you’re looking around you’re going to get price quotes of $1,000 per month, $2,500 per month, $5,000 per month—trust me as a small business owner I’ve been there and had to turn down SEO because it just didn’t fit into our small business’ budget. But with Simple SEO Group, we offer the same exact packages starting at just $297 a month. And as we demonstrated above, yes, these small business packages actually do work.
Depending on your niche there’s anywhere from several hundred to tens of thousands of people searching the internet for a business just like yours. Without SEO they’ll never find you–instead they’ll find your competitors and become their customers. I don’t think the question anymore is “How Can I Afford SEO” because Simple SEO Group has made it more than affordable for any small business to get started with a full service SEO campaign. The question now becomes “How Can I Afford To NOT Do SEO For My Small Business?” So what are you waiting for? Get your free SEO analysis and consultation by filling out the form directly to the right–you’ll work with the same veteran SEO specialist from your initial consultation through signup through months of service and all the way until project completion. Simple SEO Group offers true small business customer service for small businesses and on a small business budget with the same powerful results delivered by the astronomically priced SEO companies. What are you waiting for?