Small Business SEO Campaign Results

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Small Business SEO Campaign Results

We’re all about the numbers, and chances are as a small business so are you. The luxury of unlimited marketing budgets that large corporations have simply don’t apply to small businesses, and we fully understand that. As a small business SEO company, we’re result orientated and we want to see your SEO campaign succeed and see your business get more quality traffic from search engines.
Through this post we’re going to take a look at three small business SEO campaigns that we’re managing: One is from a contractor, one is from a marketing company, and one is from a financial services company. For privacy we never disclose our client’s keywords or identities, so below you will only find raw data about our client’s keywords and not the actual identity of the client or identity of each individual keyword.
Case 1: A Local Contractor
This company has only been doing SEO for about 3 months with us, however we have already seen tremendous improvements in rankings. To the right you see the number of impressions just from Google, most of which have increased anywhere from 25% to as much as 317% over just the last month. This website is getting more search engine traffic, and more importantly more quality, targeted traffic that is much more likely to be converted into a potential customer. We’re working very closely with this client to continue to deliver the results they’re looking for, and this small business SEO campaign is off to a great start. This company had major concerns about seeing a ROI on SEO and actually being able to afford SEO services, however we put together an excellent package costing just a few hundred dollars a month and have helped this company dramatically increase their search engine traffic.
Case 2: A Marketing Company
Even a marketing company can benefit from SEO. This company is targeting 3 extremely high traffic, high competition keywords, and so far after just a few months of SEO we’ve seen some great results. To the right you’ll find the number of impressions from just Google, most of which have increased anywhere from 22% to as much as 233% over just the last month. We did see a decrease in one keyword that the client decided to stop optimization for because it wasn’t delivering the results they wanted, which brings us to the next point– unlike other SEO companies, we monitor your SEO results and work closely with business owners to make sure their SEO campaign is delivering the results they desire. If a keyword is under performing or we aren’t seeing a return on investment, we never hesitate to drop that keyword and engage in research to find a new and even better keyword.
Case 3: A Financial Services Company
This company has been doing SEO for some time now, however we are still seeing dramatic improvements in search numbers. This company is going after a handful of extremely high competition keywords and on a small business budget we’re competing with Fortune 500 companies and succeeding in getting this small business ranked. To the right you’ll find the number of impressions just from Google, most of which have increased anywhere from 17% to as much as 312% over just the last month. With this company we went after some keywords that are held by Fortune 500 and even Fortune 100 companies and after several months we’re seeing dramatic results and competing with companies that literally have multimillion dollar marketing budgets. But here’s the difference– we’ve done it all with a budget of thousands of dollars instead of millions.
At Simple SEO Group, we’re all about seeing results for your small business and making you, the customer, happy with our services. We have full faith in what we do, how we do it, and meeting your budget expectations. In fact, we’re one of the lowest cost small business SEO companies in the United States, yet we continue to deliver results and see improvements that even big, multimillion dollar SEO companies envy. If you’re ready to learn more about our services, simply fill out the form directly to the right and one of our experienced SEO specialists will contact you to work one-on-one with your business.