LowCards Financial Web Design & Marketing

LowCards Financial Web Design & Marketing is a credit card hub containing hundreds of articles pertaining to credit cards, the world’s largest credit card index updated each week, and information on hundreds of individual credit cards with applications.

The Old Site:

The old site was nearly a decade old and was a combination of several different site revisions and coding languages.  While the site functioned well, it wasn’t converting nearly as well as their competitors.  In addition to this, the site would frequently crash and leave hundreds of visitors with error messages and unable to access the site.  The layout was also dated and in need of a major update as was the entire back-end of the site which was difficult to utilize and navigate.  Lastly, the site was loaded with fantastic content that wasn’t easy to manage given the dated content management system (CMS) and the content wasn’t properly featured on the site.

The Solution & Project:

Simple SEO Group and our designers and PHP programmers had the task of updating their website which was nearly a decade old. The site has an extremely complex back-end consisting of various API’s to gather credit card information, interest rates, and data as well as an enormous amount of data in their credit card index which contains well over 1,000 credit cards.
We converted the site from ASP to PHP and completely re-coded all aspects of the website, gave it a new design, and updated many of the outdated aspects of the site. The new site functions properly, allows the owners & editors to make changes to the credit cards and content, and ultimately will result in lower long term development and operating costs for the site.

The Outcome:

We completed the project on time, on budget, and our client is extremely happy with the end result of the website.  The site is now converting better than the old site and never crashes or lags like the old site.
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