Motorola Digital Collection / Sign Up Forms

Motorola Digital Collection / Sign Up Forms

Motorola is a leading fortune 500 company with offices and customers around the world.  They were seeking an easy digital sign up form for an exhibit they would be hosting, allowing participants to sign up, register, and provide their information via the web.

The Website Problems:

In the past, Motorola utilized offline means and email as a way to collect data and information from sponsors and exhibitors for their events.  They were seeking a way to more easily manage the collections in one database and also streamline the submission process for the end user.

The Solution & Project:

Simple SEO Group and our designers came in to program a database that would store all this information securely and allow the end user to easily submit their information and files via the new website.
The project consisted of building out a front end where users would be able to submit their entries, a database where the entries would be stored, and a user friendly interface where staff could log-in to view the entries, make changes, and if needed print or email them.

The Outcome:

In about one week we were able to build out the platform from the pre-approved designs and launch the new website to be used by the sponsors/exhibitors.
The website and database are performing exactly as needed and allowing our client to streamline the process of collecting information and files and also give them the ability to access the database with all the entries in an easy to use web interface.

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