myHealthBud Health & Fitness Website Design

myHealthBud Health & Fitness Website Design

myHealthBud is an online health & fitness educational website that offers private, one-on-one health & fitness coaching.

Background Information

myHealthBud is a new, start-up company that didn’t have a previous website. Prior to starting the project, we worked closely with our client to assist with site structure, navigation, content, and marketing suggestions for the new site. With this information in mind and the full assistance of our client, we were now able to dive into the design project.

The Solution & Project

Simple SEO Group and our designers came in to design a new website for myHealthBud to assist the business in launching. Our client requested a clean, updated, web 2.0 type site and provided us with several sample sites to base the design off of. Our development team decided this project was an excellent candidate for WordPress, a powerful content management system (CMS), and developed a custom WordPress theme to fit the exact look the client was going for.
Beyond the aesthetics of the site, we incorporated a payment processing feature to allow clients to subscribe to monthly coaching plans. We also built a fully interactive back-end of the site where clients can go to view their health & fitness statistics and interact with their health coach.
We also developed custom landing pages for myHealthBud to utilize in email marketing campaigns and implemented A/B split testing to monitor and test the effectiveness of the landing pages.

The Outcome

After a few weeks of work and revisions, we were able to launch the site. We finished the website on time, on budget, and our client is extremely happy with the new website. Our client has been extremely happy with the entire design process and support he’s received, and was kind enough to send us the following upon completing the project:

“Working with the Simple SEO Group couldn’t have been a better experience. Not only did they deliver top notch quality but they did it in a timely manner. Brendan and his team showed their expertise and were able to understand and deliver my vision for my website. Brendan was also very professional and a pleasure to work with throughout the process. He showed great patience and always maintained an excellent attitude. Brendan and his team also went above and beyond their responsibilities and added very valuable input throughout the process. I was able to lean on them to make suggestions which they were able to make based on their expertise and experience. I highly recommend using Simple SEO Group for your website!”

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