PetPlaygroundz Dog Fence Website Design

PetPlaygroundz Dog Fence Website Design

Pet Playgroundz is a non-electric dog fence provider offering alternatives to traditional fences to keep your pets in your yard and other animals out.

The Old Site:

Simple SEO Group and our designers came in to design a new website for Pet Playgroundz as their previous site was built using a DIY website builder template and had numerous layout, coding, and SEO problems.  The majority of the website was flash based, meaning search engines couldn’t properly read the content on the page.  Much of the text was nested within images, and the overall coding of the site was extremely poor.  The site also had major navigational and flow issues, which resulted it in not converting well.  The site was also not properly representing the PetPlaygroundz brand in that the design was very pieced together.

The Solution & Project:

We came in and designed a brand new site with a CMS for managing their content, added a blog, and installed a fully functional e-commerce platform into the site to allow Pet Playgroundz to sell their products directly on the web. We finished the website on time, on budget, and our client is extremely happy with the new website and the ability he has to make small website changes and revisions on his own without having to contact our web development team.

The Outcome:

Upon completion of the website, our client was so happy with the new site that he contracted us to handle his search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) management. We’re happy to report that he has several keywords ranking on page one of search engine results, is receiving dozens of targeted PPC clicks her day, and has seen a fantastic improvement in website traffic since the launch of the new site.
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