Simple SEO Group Stands For Great Customer Service

Brendan Egan

Simple SEO Group Stands For Great Customer Service

We get it. There’s tens of thousands of other web design and SEO companies out there.  And there’s thousands of companies that are priced within your budget.  And there’s hundreds that will do a good job.  But as far as I’m concerned, there’s only one company that will do a great FANTASTIC job on your project, and that’s Simple SEO Group.
There’s a lot that goes into designing a website and getting it ranked in search engines.  Tens if not hundreds of hours of work go into each and every single project we take on.  We have a sense of pride in the work we do as we get to see the results of our work first hand through our clients.  Many of our clients send us emails such as this one we just received:
Thanks Brendan. We are seeing more phone traffic so the improving search results are making a positive difference!!
In addition to what now seems like daily emails from our clients explaining the results they’re seeing, we also believe in making the web design and SEO process as simple and painless as possible.  Here’s part of a great testimonial we received from a new client just a few weeks ago:
Simple Seo Group has went over and beyond the call of duty by creating a beautiful website for us. As a diverse wedding servicing company we had several customized elements that needed a trained professional to ensure simple navigation. Brendan and his firm were able to take the challenge; not only did they beat the deadline but they were able to keep it under budget. During the process it was easily apparent that we were dealing with honest hard working professionals that had all our best interests in mind. Simple Seo Group’s customer service is second to none, even though our website is completed Brendan keeps in contact with us to ensure our conversion rate from our website is in tacked and in which doing so we have also started to utilize his services in the SEO arena with good faith. We absolutely recommend Simple Seo Group and can honestly, knowingly state that you will have the same wonderful experience that we had.
We have happy clients from around the US– from New Jersey to California; Oregon to Ohio– and there’s a simple reason behind our clients being so happy with our services: It’s because everything we do starts with customer service.  Whether we’re redesigning a landing page or preparing a several hundred page website, we make sure each and every step of the way we give our clients the very best customer service available.  Whether that means checking in with them daily or staying in the office until the wee hours of the morning to meet our deadline, we make sure we get the job done, get it done right, and keep our clients fully informed every step of the way.
There’s something I tell every single person who works for Simple SEO Group, works with Simple SEO Group, or has any involvement with any of our clients: Pretend you’re working at a 5 star hotel in the hospitality business.  I don’t just want you to be the everyday employee that does a good job.  I want you to be the employee who thinks outside the box and makes sure each and every client has the very best experience possible.  I want you to be the person who gives you a free upgrade at check in — even though the client had a great experience planned already, I want you to make the experience better.  I want you to add value for each and every client, and when you think you’re done with that client see what else you can do to help them along the way.  That is truly what we stand for at Simple SEO Group, and that’s why Simple SEO Group stands for great FANTASTIC customer service.