What Companies Won’t Benefit From SEO?

Brendan Egan

What Companies Won’t Benefit From SEO?

Yes that’s right, an SEO company is posting information about companies that won’t benefit from SEO!  While the vast, vast majority of companies can benefit from search engine optimization and search engine marketing, there are some select types of companies that won’t really benefit from higher organic rankings.

Low Traffic, Low Margins

Businesses that have extremely low profit margins and that are in industries with very low search traffic might not benefit from search engine optimization work.  Why? Simply because they don’t have the money to spend on it and there aren’t people searching for them.  For example, if you’re a book repair company that only has a 10% profit margin and you’re located in a rural area, there likely won’t be a huge benefit for you from SEO.
However just because a company has low traffic OR low margins doesn’t mean SEO can’t help.  For example, if you’re an online retailer with only a 1% profit margin but you could sell thousands of items, then over time SEO definitely will be cost effective for you.  And likewise if you’re a company that offers nursing services and can stand to make several hundred dollars per month from one new client, then it makes sense for you to do SEO even if there isn’t much search traffic in your area.

Your Target Market Doesn’t Search

What if your target market is the elderly who don’t typically use computers?  Well in that case SEO might not help, however we’ve found through experience with clients that many markets catering to the elderly actually do well with SEO because the elderly’s family members search for those products.
But what if your target market is a remote island without internet?  Or parts of the world without computers?  Remember who your target market is at all times and think about whether they (or another decision maker) will be searching for your product/service.

Your Site Is Already #1

In some cases, we’ve seen small business owners do everything right (either through tons of blood and sweat or just by chance) and attain top 3 rankings in search results.  If this is the case, you may not need search engine optimization services.  But it’s important to make sure you’re ranking for the right keywords people are searching for and that you’re ranking for enough keywords.
Sometimes even if you’re already #1 for “hair supplies in Cedar Mountain”, you may not attract traffic because your target market may be searching for “hair products near Cedar Mountain” instead.  In many cases even with #1 rankings, you could still benefit from SEO services.
So in short, there are some cases where your business won’t benefit from SEO, but the vast majority of the time a good SEO company will be able to work with almost any business to improve their website traffic and bottom line.  The best way to find out if SEO is right for you is by requesting a consultation so we can evaluate your website and niche to see what options are available for you.