Where Does Your Website Traffic Come From?

Brendan Egan

Where Does Your Website Traffic Come From?

Do you know where your company’s website traffic is coming from, and more importantly do you know where your conversions are coming from? Small business owners often trust their web design firm to setup everything they need to have a good website.  But good web design isn’t just designing a site, it’s giving the site owner or their marketing company the power to track results on the site to make better business decisions.

Website Visitor Tracking

Tracking visitors on a website is extremely simple.  All you have to do is setup Google Analytics, a free traffic tracking tool that will deliver a boatload of information to you.  Setting up Google Analytics is simple, but properly tracking the information on Google Analytics is a bit more advanced.  As part of all our SEO campaigns we include free Google Analytics setup and tracking each month.  Make sure your website has Google Analytics installed and make sure your marketing company is frequently checking your Google Analytics reports to properly optimize your small business online marketing campaign.

Website Conversion Tracking

Website conversion tracking simply means you are tracking what visitors become conversions or leads.  Most websites have two forms of conversions: either a buy now or sale button for e-commerce sites or a contact us/request a quote button for service related sites.  Google Analytics has a code for linking these two forms of conversions with the Google Analytics platform which allows you and your small business online marketing company to understand exactly which visitors from which sources are becoming leads for your company.  This is extremely important for making changes to your online marketing campaigns to ensure you are getting the best ROI possible.

The Three Traffic Sources

There’s three main traffic sources for any website: Direct, Referral, and Organic.  Direct traffic refers to someone directly typing in your website’s URL and going to your site, so for example typing  Referral traffic happens when someone clicks a link on another website and then comes to yours, so for example visiting our Facebook page and then clicking on our website.  Organic or search traffic happens whenever someone uses a search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing to find your website.  The vast majority of online traffic today comes from search engines, which is why SEO is becoming more important today than ever before.  More and more people are using search engines to find new products and services.
Remember, it’s important to keep proper track of your website traffic, sources, and leads in order to properly optimize your small business SEO or small business online marketing campaigns.  Without proper tracking, you could be throwing money out the window on useless marketing methods that aren’t delivering the highest ROI possible for your small business.