Why Use WordPress?

Brendan Egan

Why Use WordPress?

Wordpress is a buzzing topic for web designers, and more and more websites are being powered today by WordPress.  But why use WordPress for your website?
Wordpress is by far the most popular content management system (CMS) on the internet today.  Simple SEO Group utilizes WordPress on the back end to power our website and more and more businesses are turning to WordPress to power their sites as well.  Does that mean WordPress is the absolutely best website CMS out there? No.  But it certainly is one of the best.
Free: WordPress is 100% open source and free.  First off you can’t beat a free product.  While it won’t be free to build and setup your website, the fact that the CMS is free makes the design costs much lower.  As a comparison, 5 years ago a good CMS would cost anywhere between $200 and $1,500, so that’s an automatic savings on the price of building a website.
SEO Friendly: WordPress is coded properly unlike other CMS out there–which means your site will naturally have an advantage when it comes to ranking in search engines.  There are also great SEO tools and plugins out there to help with on site SEO efforts and make optimizing the website quicker and easier.
Customizable: WordPress is extremely easy to customize for a web designer–and the coding is extremely straightforward.  WordPress is also a huge platform, which means most coders and web designers know how to customize a WordPress website.
Dynamic: WordPress is not just a static website.  It’s dynamic, which means everything is constantly changing.  It’s easy to reword the home page, post a blog post, update customers about products/services, and much more.  Being a dynamic website is probably the biggest advantage of WordPress over a static HTML site.
User Friendly: Coding a WordPress site isn’t for a small business owner, but making basic changes and adding content is extremely easy, even for those who aren’t good with computers.  This is a huge advantage over other CMS.
Plugins: Since WordPress is open source, there are thousands of free plugins out there to add to your site.  From clocks to widgets to coding plugins to social media plugins–the sky is the limit which means your website can easily have added functionality without incurring a huge price tag for developing a custom plugin.
Wordpress all in all really is one of the best CMS platforms out there, and using WordPress will make your website more functional, user friendly, and will save you time and money in the long run.  I strongly suggest anyone designing a new website to consider using WordPress.
Simple SEO Group utilizes WordPress on our Gold and Platinum web design packages as well as on many of our custom web design jobs.