10 Ways To Brainstorm Blog Topics

Brendan Egan

10 Ways To Brainstorm Blog Topics

When you first start a blog, it’s usually pretty easy to think up topics to write about.  You can start out with the basics in your industry, how to do this, why you should do that, but after a while you’re going to find yourself struggling to come up with blog topics.  I know that I have written nearly 200 entries on our blog and from time to time I have a tough time thinking up new ideas to write about, so I made for myself a list of 10 ways to brainstorm ideas for blog topics that I’m going to share so you never find yourself struggling for an idea to write about!

  • Spy On Your Competitors: This is the best way to come up with topics.  Find 3-4 quality blogs in your niche and see what they’re writing about, then take some of their ideas and put your own unique spin on them to come up with a related but completely unique article.
  • Post Follow Ups To Previous Posts: If you dig around in your blog you’ll likely find time sensitive materials, post an update to those older posts with updated information.
  • Create Top 10 Lists: Top 10 lists tend to be shared more on social sites and drive you more traffic, plus there’s usually an endless amount of top 10 lists you can publish on your blog.
  • Testimonials & Case Studies: When you receive some great testimonials or have a customer/client you can feature as a case study, write a great blog post about it as it will likely help get you some new customers when they see the results you can achieve.
  • Keep A Notepad With You At All Times: Sometimes I’m just walking down the street and something sparks my mind for a blog post — make sure you write those ideas down so you can revisit them later when it comes time to write your posts.
  • Ask Your Readers: Sometimes I’ll ask my blog readers what topics they want me to write about, then I’ll write about them.  It helps my readers connect more with the blog and gives them the information they need.
  • Write About Experiences: When we have a client who has a good or bad experience with any aspect of their online marketing, we write about it.  Do the same to share your experience and present it in an informative way.
  • Open Up To Guest Posts: It can help keep your blog interesting and present different points of view if you open your blog up to quality guest posts from time to time.
  • Setup A Google Alert: If you setup a Google alert, you can request it to notify you of new blogs about various topics that can help inspire you about things to write about such as news events in your industry and new developments.
  • When All Else Fails, Don’t Blog That Day: This is so important — if you aren’t feeling it then don’t try to force it.  I’ve seen so many blog posts by people who clearly didn’t have an idea or didn’t want to write that day.  If you’re in that situation, then just wait until tomorrow when you have a good idea to write about.

While these 10 steps certainly won’t get you out of every jam, I find that they help me when I really can’t think of anything to write about.  And most of the time I’m able to come up with several fantastic blog ideas just by running through my 10 ways to brainstorm blog topics.