Google’s 13th Birthday

Brendan Egan

Google’s 13th Birthday

Today marks the 13th birthday of search engine giant Google.  Back on September 27, 1998, when websites were basically all text based, search engine giant Google saw a need for indexing websites and creating a database of all the websites out there on the web.  13 years later they have transformed into one of the largest corporations in the world.
Google can also have a dramatic impact on businesses around the world.  You may remember a few months back retailer JcPenny was caught using illegal SEO methods to boost their website rankings– and during this time the company made billions of dollars that they arguably wouldn’t have otherwise made.  Google helped this company make this money by ranking their website on top.  This is true for small business as well– if it wasn’t for our search engine rankings driving us new clients Simple SEO Group wouldn’t be in business anymore.  The same applies to your small business–you may have not realized it yet–but getting ranked on search engines can drive flocks of new customers and clients to your small business.
Over the years Google has undergone some dramatic changes.  While their primary mission of providing their users with relevant websites has remained the same, the way they rank websites has changed over the years.  Back in the day you could build a few junk links to your site and post your keywords all over the page and get ranked in the number 1 spot with no problem.  Today search engines are much more competitive than this and Google is much smarter about how they rank websites. Today you need a site with quality content and a quality SEO company performing work on 100+ aspects of the site plus off site optimization to get your site ranked on the first page, and hopefully eventually in the top 3 positions.
While Google has changed over the year, they still are a worldwide force in determining how well business do based on their rankings–and I know all of us here at Simple SEO Group are glad for our traffic that we receive from Google and glad that our rankings are continually driving us great targeted traffic and great new clients.
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